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About us

Our core business is secure IT Asset disposal

Over 20 Years’ Experience in the Market

At Charterhouse Müller, we specialise in helping organisations to securely and responsibly retire obsolete and surplus IT assets.


Protecting data throughout all stages of the process is an integral part of our service, and our reputation for total vigilance in this critical area is the reason why many of the UK’s biggest organisations choose us. With our ISO 27001 and ADISA certification, you have complete assurance that all work we carry out will comply fully with the latest industry regulations.


E-waste is an area of growing global concern, and we recognise that we have a vital role to play in helping organisations reduce their environmental impact when they dispose of IT equipment. Every year, millions of functional electronic assets are prematurely recycled. Often, they have years of service still to offer and would be perfectly acceptable to organisations where the latest specifications are not critical.

It may be that dismantling your assets to extract and recycle residual metals, plastics and other core components is the most sensible route, but as the least sustainable solution, it will not be our first option. The recycling process itself consumes energy, and a viable asset taken out of circulation will have to be replaced, requiring more raw materials and generating further emissions.


Wherever possible, we are committed to breaking this cycle: extending the life of assets through reuse and making optimal use of the resources already invested in them.


Our ethical approach is a far more sustainable alternative to generic recycling, benefitting both your organisation and the environment. We recover any residual value on your behalf, and by reusing rather than recycling working assets, conserve the energy and raw materials embodied within them, allowing you to offset part of your carbon footprint.

Our certifications