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IT Recycling in Heathrow

More than just an IT Disposal partner

Secure IT Asset Disposal

Charterhouse Müller have been providing IT recycling services for businesses for over 20 years. Our Secure IT disposal and collection service offers a sustainable and secure solution for business customers with unwanted computer equipment.


Located in Reading, we provide a free collection service as part of our IT recycling offering in Heathrow. We don’t just work in the town centre we also collect for free from Bedfont, Colnbrook, Harmonsworth, Harlington, Cranford.

Equipment we can dispose of:

Desktops, laptops & tablets



Hard drives

Servers and storage

Phone systems and mobile phones

Networking equipment

Audio visual equipment

Our IT Recycling service includes

Secure end to end collection services in Heathrow, using GPS tracked vehicles

A detailed inventory report for each collection

NCSC Certified data sensitisation, including certification

Rebates returned for re-usable equipment

Sustainable IT Recycling

We are firm believers in our business activities having a positive impact on the world. By providing computer recycling services in Heathrow that prioritises the re-use of devices and components, we reduce the carbon emissions associated with recycling the component metals and plastics. Not only that, by refurbishing unwanted IT equipment and finding a secondary use for it, we reduce the number of new devices being manufactured and the raw material mining associated with this process.


If you are a business located in Heathrow look no further for an IT recycling and computer disposal partner than Charterhouse Müller.

Still not sure?

We let our accreditations do the talking for our IT Disposal and Computer Recycling services in Heathrow.

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