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Providing total piece of mind for our clients


On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, replacing the Data Protection Act. This piece of legislation brings additional obligation to data storage, data handling and data processing, with companies liable for increased fines should they fail to comply with the requirements.


Choosing a compliant IT disposal partner to provide data processing services as part of a businesses end of life IT policy is therefore an important piece of an organisations overall GDPR compliance strategy.


At Charterhouse Müller UK our IT disposal and data erasure services are built on compliance. We regularly evaluate each of procedures to ensure data security is never compromised, providing total piece of mind for our clients.


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The WEEE directive became part of European Law in 2003 and enforceable in the UK in 2006. Its aim, is to reduce the volume of waste electronic equipment reaching landfill by placing additional responsibility on the owners of electronic equipment. At Charterhouse Müller UK Our IT Disposal and Recycling services offer our customers a WEEE compliant route for their end of life IT.


All collections of waste IT equipment are accompanied by a Transfer Note and where applicable a hazardous waste consignment note. We are regularly audited by the Environment Agency and hold the following Exemptions and Licenses:


  • Waste Exemption T11 – Repair and refurbish WEEE
  • Waste Exemption S2 – Storage of Waste in a secure place
  • Waste Carrier License


Any IT waste that we are unable to reuse or refurbish is processed by an approved authorized treatment facility (AATF) partner, ensuring further compliance with the WEEE directive.


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