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Operational and Logistics Support

Operational and Logistics Support

During these unusual times businesses are not functioning as ‘normal’ with major disruption to most areas. Many buildings are now closed to deliveries and the staff that would traditionally receipt and configure goods and services to meet the specific needs of an organisation are now working from home.


Having recently moved into a new secure facility with increased warehousing and engineering capacity we have looked at ways we can support the operational and logistics requirements for businesses, providing a degree of normality to a specific area of your business:

Warehousing & Onward Delivery

With 15,000sqft of secure warehousing we can accept and hold deliveries on your behalf.


We can break down bulk deliveries and onward forward goods to multiple locations. Ideal if you need to get equipment out to home workers (e.g laptops and accessories).

See your stock holding information at the click of a button


Equipment arriving in from manufactures, often requires varying elements of configuration before it can be used within an organisation. With IT teams now largely working from home we can support businesses with the following services:


  • Information Capture – MAC address & serial number
  • Software Builds
  • Initial Boot – confirm remote profile installs
  • Hardware Upgrades & Repairs
  • Accessory bundling for onward shipping

Collection & Return Services

Whilst business premises are closed we can act as your point of aggregation for the return and repair of faulty equipment or that from employees leaving the business.


  • Nationwide Collection Service
  • Inspect, test and grade returned equipment
  • Reload software builds & return equipment
  • Data Wiping, all previous user information is removed
  • Facilitate the return of faulty equipment to your chosen warranty repair company.

Having Operational & Logistics Challenges?


Contact us to discuss your requirements.