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Our Services

More than just an IT Disposal partner

Secure IT Asset Disposal

The disposal of IT assets can significantly increase the risk of personal or company data leaving an organisation. Living in an increasingly connected world, managing access to data has never been more challenging. Choosing a secure IT disposal and data erasure partner is therefore vital in protecting your organisations assets and integrity.

Asset Configuration, Repair & Asset Deployment

Utilising our highly skilled, in house team, we offer a range of asset configuration services including Imaging, Memory & HDD Upgrades, Asset Tagging, Repairs and Onsite Deployment Services. We are able to tailor these services to best meet the needs of our clients.

Data Erasure & Destruction

With the tightening of data protection legislation, evidencing data erasure is no longer just a requirement at end of life. At Charterhouse Müller we offer physical destruction and software sanitization solutions offering clients a choice of data erasure methods.

Remarketing & Buy Back

For over 20 years we have provided Secure IT Disposal and IT Remarketing services for our clients. Working with an international network of buyers, we look to achieve best value for our client’s assets, once clean of all data.


Looking to remarket excess equipment or be added to our buyers network?

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