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Achieving ROI from end-of-life technology

We know how important it is to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and that’s why it’s really important to retain as much residual value in your kit as possible.

But when it comes to trading-in your equipment as part of a tech refresh, you could be offered Fair Market Value. In this blog post, we’ll explore what is Fair Market Value and the associated benefits it brings.


What is Fair Market Value?

Fair market value (FMV) refers to the objective assessment of the current market value of a product, taking into account factors such as supply and demand dynamics, product specifications and condition. FMV determines the fair and competitive price (or credit) at which device could be traded in – at its end of life.


Unlocking Credits:

Many suppliers/partners simply don’t offer FMV for end-of-life equipment, based on condition, age and specification of tech. By leveraging FMV credits, you can re-invest into new technology and optimise cost effectiveness, thereby reducing your budget. In order to achieve fair market value on your devices you must ensure that all passwords and MDM locks have been removed prior to collection.


Re-invest in new technology

By leveraging FMV credits, you can  re-invest into new technology, meaning that your business/institution will have the most up to date technology at a reduced price.


Don’t forget, you should receive FMV credits on your end-of-life technology – it shouldn’t affect the pricing and incentives/discounts you get for your new purchase – meaning you can save much more than anticipated – reducing the TCO even further.


Saving precious space & helping the environment

By recycling your retired kit, you will save lots of space around the office, in cupboards and in the warehouse, plus you could possibly reduce the risk of missing kit as well as reducing your carbon footprint with the reuse of your unwanted IT hardware which in return will help you achieve your internal sustainability goals and help the environment.


We’re proud that as part of our Lifecycle offering, we offer FMV for all end-of-life technology. Please get in touch with us to find out more.