What is ADISA, and why does it matter to your business? - Charterhouse Muller
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What is ADISA, and why does it matter to your business?

What is ADISA, and why does it matter to your business?

If you’ve come here via our website, then you might have noticed us talking about our ADISA certification (with distinction). It’s something we’re very proud of at Charterhouse Muller, and we work hard to keep our high level of accreditation every year. But what is ADISA, and why should it matter to you if we are accredited or not? 

What Is ADISA? 

ADISA is an industry accreditation scheme for companies who provide IT asset disposal services – like us. They essentially promote and uphold best practice within the IT asset disposal sector, making sure that businesses who deal with sensitive data and its erasure are operating to the highest standards within the industry. It’s a multi-layered approach to security, with members regularly subjected to a combination of full audits, unannounced operational and forensic audits at any time. This approach makes sure that any ADISA certified business is always sticking to the guidance – and not just when an auditor is looking over their shoulder. 

As well as carrying  out audits and inspecting members, ADISA also offers a training academy, standard guides, regular publications, awards and product assurance, supporting their members to become the best IT asset disposal companies they can be. 

What Does It Mean To Be A Member? 

For us, it means we know that we are doing everything right, and our customer data is secure at all times. With so many audits under our belts, we understand what the weak points of the IT asset disposal process are, and have put protections in place against them. It means we can display the ADISA certification proudly, and give our customers confidence in our services. We have gone through a lot of training, assessments and rigorous auditing to earn our certification, and that’s reflected in the level of service we can offer our customers. 

For you as a customer, it means you can be certain that you are receiving the gold standard of security and service in the IT disposal industry. Data security is at the heart of everything we do, and by complying with not only ISO 27001 but also ADISA standards, we are sure to provide the highest standard data security practices there are. In short, it means you don’t have to worry about if we are a reputable company, or if your data is safe. 

 Charterhouse Muller And ADISA 

At Charterhouse Muller, we are very proud to be an accredited members of ADISA. Not only that, but we were actually one of the first members to join, and have passed each year’s audit with flying colours since. We asked ADISA to comment on our membership, and they said: 

“One of ADISA’s founding members Charterhouse Muller joined ADISA back in April 2011 as one of our very first members and since then have undergone 13 audits – 4 Full and 9 completely unannounced- making them arguably one of the most audited ITAD companies in the UK.  

Each ADISA full audit is made up of over 112 “Essential Criteria” that CHM must pass to achieve accreditation with a further 70 “Highly Desirable “which add extra marks to their overall score. 

The Unannounced Audit is exactly that – our auditors turn up on site with absolutely no prior warning and not only check that operations are still compliant but also selects 10 random data bearing assets and forensically checks them.  

CHM’s audit record, and subsequent certification at Distinction, is exemplary and can only prove that they are operating on a daily basis to the very highest of industry standards and offering complete peace of mind to their customers.” 

 We are very proud to be founding members of ADISA, and to secure one of their highest rankings each and every year. We are dedicated to keeping our standard of service as high as it can be, while helping businesses dispose of their IT equipment safely and securely. If you would like to find out more, just get in touch with us today.