What Is ISO 27001, And Why Does It Matter? - Charterhouse Muller
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What Is ISO 27001, And Why Does It Matter?

What Is ISO 27001, And Why Does It Matter?

ISO 27001 is an international standard that defines the requirements of any ISMS; which stands for “Information Security Management System”. This system is a set of policies that manage potential information risks, such as data theft or cyber attacks 

For an individual or company to have the ISO 27001 certification, they are showing that they are currently using the best version of information security for the data that they carry. It is not a legal requirement to have this certification, so some companies and individuals simply choose to use the guidelines of ISO 27001’s framework without actually getting certified.

Understanding ISO 27001 

Formally known as “ISO/IEC 27001:2005”, this file was developed and released by the International Standards Organisation to provide a solid model for creating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving a system that manages information security. It uses a risk-based approach which is defined in six different processes.  

These six processes are: 

  1. Defining a security policy. 
  2. Defining the scope of the information security management system. 
  3. Conducting a risk assessment. 
  4. Managing any identified risks.
  5. Selecting controls to be implemented. 
  6. Preparing a statement that outlines the system’s applications.

For any individual or business using this framework, there are specifications that must be met. These include internal audits of the protective system, as well as continuous improvement and review of the system. ISO 27001 requires that all sections of your organisation cooperate to ensure that the system can be managed effectively.  

Why ISO 27001 Is Beneficial  

ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard available that outlines the specific requirements of an information security management system. The framework offers companies guidelines to work with, as well as a solid set of processes that must be met. With this certification, you can be sure that a ISO 27001 certified company will protect your data, and that their security system is constantly monitored and updated.  

In business, everything is about being competitive with other companies. An ISO 27001 certification will definitely put you ahead of other companies that potential clients may be considering. This certification will help you demonstrate that your company has amazing security practices, which can quickly put the minds of your clientele at ease. A certification like this can easily become a selling point for your products and services, because it can be something that your sales team or your customer service team offhandedly mention when conversing with new clients.  

ISO 27001 will also help you avoid sticky financial situations and losses that are highly associated with data loss and theft. With a fully functioning and well looked after security system, your company is surely less likely to face the issues of data loss in any of its forms.

In addition, with the new GDPR regulations, data safety has become more of a concern than ever. The standards set by ISO 27001 are designed to show that a company has the necessary security controls in place to care for the personal data of others. At Charterhouse Muller we are proud to be compliant with many different regulations – including ISO standards 27001, 14001 and 9001, we well as GDPR, WEEE and more. If you have any questions or concerns about the security of your data, please just get in touch with us today.